Community and Economic Development

PEPCDC and its leadership have accomplished the following:

In the last eighteen months, PEPCDC and business clients created 58 full-time permanent livable wage jobs through an  aviation sector revolving loan fund that included funding for an aerospace component manufacturer, aviation security company and a local manufacturer of an autonomous solar/wind powered unmanned vessel.   PEPCDC responds directly to industry trends and local community needs through lending and technical assistance for small businesses. This project launched just three years ago and continues to create new job opportunities daily for community residents.

Worked with over a dozen area entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, providing technical assistance and facilitating access to expansion capital.  These expansions have created over 120 jobs for low-income persons

Conducted job training and placement programs that have placed over 200 low-income area residents in permanent jobs with livable wages

Worked with area agencies to promote environmental safety and responsibility

Provided technical assistance to over 20 area non-profits and 30 area entrepreneurs to grow programs, establish businesses and maintain financial solvency

PEPCDC has provided job training, creation and placement assistance to over 200 persons, securing full-time permanent jobs for low-income community members.

Past Projects:

In an effort to broaden its mission of bringing needed services to hard-to-reach populations, in 2008, the PEPCDC Board of Directors expanded its mission to include “community development focused on environmental sustainability, and other activities to improve the environment.”

Powerline Control Systems

In 2010, PEPCDC received additional federal funding for an “Alternative Energy Loan Investment Project” to provide Powerline Control Systems Inc. (PSC) with funding to grow and expand its home automation and lighting control product line, which in turn would create 70 new job positions which would be filled by low-income and TANSF individuals. Along with $565,00 PEPCDC lent PCS, it has received $438,000 from City of LA for the start up of the Greenworx project. The Project is still in process and the new job positions are expected to be created soon.

Along with the $565,000 PEP lent to PCS, it has also received $438,000 from the City of LA for the start up of the Greenworx project. The project is still in process and the new job positions are expected to be created soon.

Bethel Solar X

Later in 2008, PEPCDC received federal funding from the Department of Health and Human Services to loan funds to Bethel Solar X so they could implement and develop a solar energy plant in a distressed community, needing business and job creation. PEPCDC desired to give out loans to small business which could not get loans from traditional sources like banks or other private lenders. To date, Bethel Solar X has raised $1,955,000 in equity, in addition to the loan provided to them from PEPCDC. The project is currently underway and once additional funding is secured, it is expected the project will create over 50 full-time permanent jobs for low-income rural community members.

Environmental Outreach and Education

Past Projects:

In 2007-2008, PEPCDC was awarded a grant called “Flex Your Power.” In this capacity, PEPCDC provided educational information, to over 20,000 people, regarding the use of more efficient light bulbs that would help the environment and would save residents money. PEPCDC outreached to its local rural residents by attending local community events. PEPCDC staffed 7 events, exceeding its campaign goals of distributing campaign materials to a minimum of three community events. PEPCDC’s presentation campaign goals were exceeded by 100% by conducting 6 presentations instead of the planned three. During all the events PEPCDC staff members attended, almost 17,000 collaterals were distributed. PEPCDC ran 3 campaign advertising placements in local newspapers with a combined readership of over 190,000.

PEPCDC was retained by the Public Utilities Commission to work on the Electric Education Trust project. PEPCDC provided information to ethnic audiences about electric restructuring and energy conservation.

PEPCDC has developed materials in Spanish, Vietnamese, Hmong, and Laotian to reach Hispanic and Asian communities around San Diego County for its various projects. Our successful strategies have been reinforced by the credibility and trust established by our organization and its staff and our ability in building strong working relationships with numerous community leaders and organizations.

Along with the $565,000 PEPCDC lent to PCS, it has also received $438,000 from the City of LA for the start up of the Greenworx project. The project is still in process and the new job positions are expected to be created soon.

In 2004-2005, PEPCDC was retained by the California Integrated Waste Management Board to increase the number of certified collection centers in the underserved neighborhoods of the Hispanic and Asian communities in San Diego County. PEPCDC worked with local Hispanic and Asian auto owned maintenance businesses that became used oil collection centers. PEPCDC distributed oil containers and literature to new certified centers. PEPCDC hosted over 10 regional events and festivals that drew over 5,000 residents per event. PEPCDC’s experience in conducting outreach and knowledge of the community resulted in 8000 San Diegans receiving used oil information primarily in their own native language. This was accomplished through native language presenters and brochures. PEPCDC’s use of multilevel Train the Trainer technique was successful in recruiting other to deliver messages to their own networks, expanding outreach to 2000+ more San Diegans, again largely in their own languages. In total over 10,000 people were reached during this grant program.

In 1997-98 PEPCDC was also awarded Consumer Education Program grants regarding electric restructuring by the California Public Utilities Commission. PEPCDC outreach specialists conducted dozens of community events, and business and civic outreach meetings in several native languages to educate consumers throughout San Diego County about changes in California’s electrical systems. Overall, PEPCDC conducted 56 presentations and events. Half were targeted toward the Latino community, a third to the Indo-Chinese community and approximately 20% in El Centro. In these programs, PEPCDC was successful in reaching over 15,000 targeted consumers during both the initial and near-term rounds.  Outreach goals were surpassed by 55%.

PEPCDC conducted used oil recycling public education campaigns for the California Integrated Waste Management Board (CIWMB) from 1995 to 1998. The public information campaigns specifically targeted non-English speaking communities, and were successfully designed to overcome language and cultural barriers which have historically diminished the effectiveness of public information campaigns. Approximately 1,325 residents were directly reached through means of presentations within the Latino and Asian Communities. PEPCDC reached-out to 17,520 through the Special Events attended. All Special events consisted of a booth set-up, flyers and containers distributed, and questions answered. Roughly 175,000 community minority residents were reached through Media, consisting of radio/television and print.  Overall, PEPCDC reached approximately 193,845 minority community residents during the project and successfully distributed 5,000 recycling oil containers.