Impact on Local Community

Worked with over a dozen Southern California entrepreneurs to expand their businesses, by providing technical assistance and facilitating access to expansion capital. These expansions have created over 120 jobs for low-income persons.

Assisted with job training programs that have placed over 200 low-income area residents in permanent jobs with livable wages.

Worked with local agencies to promote environmental safety and responsibility.

Collaborated with approximately 10 local area non-profits to assist hundreds of entrepreneurs to grow programs, establish businesses and maintain financial solvency.

Increased North County Small Business Development Center’s (SBDC) portfolio by 20%.

Industry Areas:

     Blue technology (OceanAero)

     Cyber security (NW Tech)

     Aerospace (Turbine Aviation)

     Energy (Bethel and Powerline Control Systems)

     Landscaping (NatureScape)

     Appliance purchase, rental and repair (Kemper Appliance)